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Santa Fe Scenes, Craig Cunningham Blog

As a hotelier for more than three decades, I’ve had the good fortune to travel the world for my job, from Beijing to Bogata and Paris to Sao Paulo. I love to travel and learn about new cultures, their food, their traditions, their architecture and history.  


I’ve also gotten to travel the great ole USA launching new hotels in Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, Montreal and more. It was a ton of fun seeking to understand what makes different cities tick and what gives them their own unique character and authenticity.  


After living ten years in Boston (talk about a city with a distinct personality), I’ve settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico and started a second career in residential real estate.

I’ve delighted in learning about the wonderful centuries-old “mezcla” (mixture) of Native American, Spanish and Anglo cultures. You see it embodied in the architecture, the food, the art and the traditions that makes Santa Fe a continual favorite of travelers from around the world.  


It’s called The City Different for a reason and indeed the state of New Mexico, especially Northern New Mexico, is the Land of Enchantment.


My posts in this blog are dedicated to capturing the essence of the city and what’s new and happening in this vibrant city and region. 

I hope you'll enjoy my postings.

Santa Fe Scenes, Craig Cunningham Blog
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