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Yes We're In A Pandemic. But in Santa Fe We're Not Cancelling Christmas.

It's true that we're living in unprecedented times and we can't wait for 2020 to be over, but that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy Christmas -- especially here in Santa Fe. While we can't really gather together we can still enjoy a variety of cherished Santa Fe traditions....

Pack up the kids in the car and take a tour around town to see all the beautiful Farolitos adorning houses, side walks and fences.

Farolito means little lantern in Spanish and the tradition of them dates back to the early Spanish families here blazing the way for the infant Jesus. More than ever, the Farolitos are beacons of hope this year.

While you're in the car be sure to drive over to the Plaza to see Santa Fe's own colorful festival of lights adorning all the trees. It'll be a sure way to brighten your holiday season.

Getting hungry? Call ahead and order traditional Christmas tamales -- a true Northern New Mexican treat. For a list of Santa Fe's best, click below: 

Looking for something sweet? How about another holiday favorite -- Biscochitos -- they're the official cookie of New Mexico. These delicious cookies with anise and cinnamon are the perfect treat to nibble on in front of the fire with some creamy Mexican hot chocolate. Check out this recipe from New Mexico magazine:

So take time to enjoy the holidays and here's hoping for a much healthier and happier 2021!



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